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Thursday Axillaries

From Jacquie:

ClickZ Experts article talks about how Social Media is a Behavioural Targeting dream!

Very exciting news, comScore’s syndicated mobile measurement has made it Canada! Product info HERE.

From Shannon:

I just can’t get enough of this, it’s like driving by a car accident.  I shouldn’t watch but I have to.  It will be interesting to see what happens if this ever ends up in some sort of court.  Clearly Google broke the privacy rules, but is anyone’s life actually affected by this?  Is it painful?  I don’t think so.

Thursday Auxillaries

From Alexander:

Interesting article on the effectiveness of Groupon:

From Jacquie:

Since we’re on a blog, I thought I would share this emarketer article about the importance of corporate blogs.

From Shannon:

I find this an interesting story to follow.  Germans government required Google to provide residents the option to opt in or out of street view.  A mere 3% chose to not take part in the initiative, but at least they were given the option.

Of course I have to put in a shameless plug for the new macbook air.  As much as I would love to get one, I still am not convinced that I would not destroy it by dropping it, gently smashing it against something in my purse, or trying to plug something into it with my She-Ra strength.  I still think they are really neat, and am always amazed at how small technology can get.

Thursday Axillaries

From Shannon:

Recently Groupon launched here in Victoria.  This really excited me after recieving useless coupons for Vancouver for the past few months.  So far it looks like they are doing quite well with 697 coupons sold yesterday for a local cupcake shop, and 666 sold so far today for an adventure park (before lunchtime I might ad).  It will be interesting to see what the advertisers have to say.  The lift in sales is always welcomed I’m sure, but are they qualified leads who will bring long term business?  Or one offs?  I’m interested to see how it all plays out.

I keep seeing this and find it funny: Gap Logo Change. While it’s great to see the power of Social Media, I suspect that they could have done a small scale focus group to find out that the new logo was a no go without shining the social media spot light on themselves.  Either way, it’s good to see the viral nature of social media in action.

From Kathryn:

Does your company need a blog? The answer is not automatically yes. Check out this Globe & Mail article to help you answer the question.

Since I got the above link from @miss604, it only seems right that I plug her book. If you DO need a blog, this is some suggested reading:

Do you care about transit in this city?  Translink’ is hosting 3 Transportation fairs across the lower mainland this month. Come out and give your ideas & input:

#Saturday October 16 – Creekside Community Centre in the Olympic Village, 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver

#Sunday October 17 – Executive Plaza Hotel, 405 North Road, Coquitlam

#Saturday October 23 – Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre, 13458 – 107 A Avenue, Surrey

10:00am until 3:00pm.
Participants will be eligible to win a monthly FareCard (one drawn each hour) and a year’s free transit will be given away

From Jacquie:

Not new, but new to North America – T-Mobile will be slowing down data speeds when a user reaches 5GB of use in one billing cycle. In Australia, some providers give you a choice of paying more or slowing down speeds when you reach your data cap….will this extend to Canada?

Is The Social Network an accurate story of the beginning of Facebook? Apparently not…get the other real story here.

From Alexander:

In a similar vein to my post on using infographics to inflate site traffic, an SEO company has demonstrated how they can manipulate Reddit with scripts to drive more site traffic.

Black Press has launched their own local version of the daily deal sites like Groupon, BC Daily Deals. I’ve signed up for the daily emails to see how the offers compare to their larger, international competitors.

I’ve been using Netflix for 2 weeks now, and though they very few quality new releases, they have an impressive collection of older movies, and are sorted by very specific categories (ex. Understated Dark Dramas).  The service has been consistent; movies run quickly and without lag or freezes, and it looks ok on a 42” screen. The visual quality isn’t as great as I’d like, and I’d consider it sub-par to DVD quality, but overall, its fine for watching movies if you don’t demand crisp resolution. They are still offering a 30 day free trial, and I encourage everyone to take this for a spin.

Thursday Axillaries

Here is a list of mid-late week items that your DSA Online team found interesting:

From Jacquie:

Get back all your embarrassing new Facebook disasters with new download function.

Goodbye Internet Explorer, Hello new and better browsers

From Alexander:

A little bit of light content for a Friday Afternoon:

Shindig 2010 (NABS West)

I, in no official capacity, call the Shindig 2010 a success ;) Thank you for everyone who showed up, everyone who allowed the trio of shutterbugs to tweet you, and everyone who bought a ticket or donated to NABS West.

The event had 5 posters scattered around the event with QR codes prominently displayed. This scavenger hunt allowed people to enter for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy phone. The lucky winner was the lovely @lisacrav. In addition to the poster-QR-hunt, NABS West ambassadors had 3″ buttons with QR codes displayed on their collars to give people a chance to win free drinks. I really liked this idea because it was easy to figure out who was on the NABS ambassador team or council.

The venue, the Caprice lounge on Granville street, was an excellent location. Close to skytrain (or taxi service), people were able to get their drink on without my worrying about anyone getting home safely. This industry sure knows how to drink and on more than one occasion, I have been nervous watching people stumble out of the venue towards the parking garage.

The other great thing about the venue was the food. Being a vegetarian isn’t easy in any industry, but cocktail parties tend towards the mini-steak and shrimp side of appetizers. The first thing I was offered was mini-chickpea burgers followed by a spinach ravioli pocket. I would definitely recommend this as a venue for parties of 100 people.

However, this isn’t the news you have been waiting for…

I stole Jenn's glasses for this photo opp. Glittery!

The winner of this year’s title of Shindig Twitter Queen is…ME! It’s a little less exciting when you’re tooting your own horn, but I’m proud of a personal networking best! I talked to, at least, 30-40 people and was able to hear at least 70% of what everyone was saying :p And while I can’t seem to make it through any event without being confused with a sailor, but my potty-mouth antics aside the feedback was really positive. Stay tuned for Jenn’s last-place dance of shame video, live to YouTube within the next week.

Thank you again times a million to all those who participated in the Shindig. The next event will be the Cannes screening. I am not 100% on the date in Vancouver, but the Victoria chapter will be holding their screening on November 2nd at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. The Advertising Club of Edmonton will be screening the event in support of NABS West on October 27th at the Royal Alberta Museum. Their reception/networking is being held from 5:30-7PM.

For more information on the Victoria screening, contact @Shannon_schafer (or