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The Digital Story of the Nativity

Sam sleuthed this one out and emailed it to me and Derek Leverington (super digital dude at Brown in Regina). Thanks for the holiday wishes Sam.

Catherine Ganapathy tweeted about this Google holiday story talking about the graphics you see around their logo periodically and their plans for this holiday.

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone. Don’t forget to step away from the computer for, at least, one day :) We’ll still be here when you get back!

Happy Holidays from the DSA Media Network.

It’s been a lovely and busy year for us at DSA Online. Thank you for your support and for coming to read our blog posts this year. We get great feedback at events and are always glad to hear that the work we’re doing enriches your lives.

Have a safe & happy holiday from all of us here at the digital team,

Charissa, Shannon, Alexander, Jacquie, Sam and Kathryn.

Shindig 2010 (NABS West)

I, in no official capacity, call the Shindig 2010 a success ;) Thank you for everyone who showed up, everyone who allowed the trio of shutterbugs to tweet you, and everyone who bought a ticket or donated to NABS West.

The event had 5 posters scattered around the event with QR codes prominently displayed. This scavenger hunt allowed people to enter for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy phone. The lucky winner was the lovely @lisacrav. In addition to the poster-QR-hunt, NABS West ambassadors had 3″ buttons with QR codes displayed on their collars to give people a chance to win free drinks. I really liked this idea because it was easy to figure out who was on the NABS ambassador team or council.

The venue, the Caprice lounge on Granville street, was an excellent location. Close to skytrain (or taxi service), people were able to get their drink on without my worrying about anyone getting home safely. This industry sure knows how to drink and on more than one occasion, I have been nervous watching people stumble out of the venue towards the parking garage.

The other great thing about the venue was the food. Being a vegetarian isn’t easy in any industry, but cocktail parties tend towards the mini-steak and shrimp side of appetizers. The first thing I was offered was mini-chickpea burgers followed by a spinach ravioli pocket. I would definitely recommend this as a venue for parties of 100 people.

However, this isn’t the news you have been waiting for…

I stole Jenn's glasses for this photo opp. Glittery!

The winner of this year’s title of Shindig Twitter Queen is…ME! It’s a little less exciting when you’re tooting your own horn, but I’m proud of a personal networking best! I talked to, at least, 30-40 people and was able to hear at least 70% of what everyone was saying :p And while I can’t seem to make it through any event without being confused with a sailor, but my potty-mouth antics aside the feedback was really positive. Stay tuned for Jenn’s last-place dance of shame video, live to YouTube within the next week.

Thank you again times a million to all those who participated in the Shindig. The next event will be the Cannes screening. I am not 100% on the date in Vancouver, but the Victoria chapter will be holding their screening on November 2nd at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. The Advertising Club of Edmonton will be screening the event in support of NABS West on October 27th at the Royal Alberta Museum. Their reception/networking is being held from 5:30-7PM.

For more information on the Victoria screening, contact @Shannon_schafer (or

Thursday Axillaries

Here is a list of mid-late week items that your DSA Online team found interesting:

From Kathryn:

I’m sure you all know that I’m about promoting the NABS west Shindig tonight. However, just because I’m focused, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t found a few gems online this week :)

From the Clikz vault this week, I found an excellent article explaining why viral isn’t social (a common misconception). I feel smarter having read it because I know that I slide into vocabulary explaining viral as leveraging a social community and that’s misleading and technically wrong. I strongly suggest you give this one a read.

Are you stuck on a 3G or 3Gs that doesn’t work after the upgrade to ios4? I just used this article to wipe my 3G and restore to a 3.1 ios install. It works!

From Charissa:

And a just for fun video of Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots performing a history of rap!

The Great Twitter-Shindig Popularity Contest

I have challenged my two media compatriots, Jenn Wallis & Tricia Fallows, to a triple dog dare of monumental proportions, but I need your help!!

The challenge: Drive some enthusiasm in the industry about the upcoming Shindig (THIS THURSDAY) and sell the event out!

The dare: “The Great Shindig Popularity Contest”  I have challenged two of my industry peeps to get the Shindig to sell out before Thursday. We’re each trying to encourage people to buy 2010 Shindig tickets (hosted at the LUX lounge downtown). Once at the event, the three of us are challenged to take as many photos shoulder to shoulder with attendees & post them to our twitter accounts (via twitpic). She who posts the most photos from the event is named the 2010 SHINDIG TWITTER QUEEN.

Settling the challenge: She who collects the LEAST photos is named the Shindig Twitter #fail  The twitter loser will have to express their sorrow via the internets the next day apologizing for her lack-luster job at encouraging ticket sales and networking at the event (expect multimedia). The final #fail published parametres will be defined by the 2010 Shindig Twitter Queen.

What do I need from you? I need you to buy Shindig tickets and attend.  Then, I need you to send this article to other advertising, marketing & communication peeps who should come to the Shindig.

Follow my twitter account at @kathryn_slater and watch the fun published live this Thursday.

While I want NABS to make money, I would prefer to try and encourage ticket sales to make the event better. If you’d like to support NABS but cannot make Thursday’s Shindig – please feel free to donate to NABS here:

NABS is very important to the communications industry. The more support we can garner from the industry, the more support we can give back to industry people who need it. Not sure who NABS is or what they do? Check out this link:

Please pass this along to everyone in the industry and encourage them to buy tickets before Thursday. Please help me support NABS and sell this event out. Then help me KICK JENN & TRICIA’S MOBILE/PHOTO BUTTS!!

Update: Ukuleles always up the ante!

Megan makes it into WOW

Today, at 4PM, I receive an email from Megan McCann in our Langley office:

Check it out Kathryn, I made it into WOW Cataclysm!

She’s promised to grab a screen capture for me once it’s all installed and she finds her in game :)

Thursday Axillaries

Here is a list of mid-late week items that your DSA Online team found interesting:

From Jacquie:

Online Censorship Bigger than you thought –

Boatloads of articles about Netflix in Canada -

From Kathryn:

I love Jacquie’s cross section of articles on the Netflix launch in Canada. While saddened that Netflix left a bitter taste with the Cdn community after their TO hijinks (great local blog post with links to the latest Netflix creative), I am hopeful that they have learned their lesson. Honesty & transparency wins online. How many times do I need to say it? :) I have been hooked up to my netflix since yesterday and believe me, it’s changed my viewing habits. Not having cable for the past 8 years, it was a special kind of surprise logging into the streaming system. I turned on my TV, I selected a movie, it started. That easy. Even better – the app access is through my PS3, so I don’t have to buy into any other TV streaming system. I am getting caught up on Heroes season 3 as I cannot get back-issues from most local TV station sites. Honestly, I don’t see any reason to return to the station streams. They have not upgraded their service and the ads are still atrocious (loud, repetitive, message burn-out, limited selection). Sorry traditional TV. I believe you’ve lost online. Time will tell if Netflix will continue to provide new and timely content to Canadians, but with a launch complete with MadMen, I’ve got some catching up before I start complaining.

I also don’t think that Netflix is trying to compete with local TV viewership. They are definitely going to woo over the non-traditional viewing crowd and establish a young/tech-saavy viewer audience that will never go back to cable (why buy forced content you don’t care about or support a system that has exclusive deals, ie Canucks + Rogers?). While the TV stations are fighting against each other, negotiating proprietary content lock-outs and worrying about ad dollars, the content is being aggregated in a different way online and users will come. Traditional TV does have some time before they see online erode at their big hit shows, but if Hulu comes North, I officially call local TV streaming dead in Canada.

It’s been a week (or two) of great musical contributions online. It might just be that our network is super conscious of musical videos these days because we’re working on a musical contribution of our own (see the DSA Media blog for future updates), but whatever the cause, I’m happy to bring you this week’s musical link contribution:

I still believe that OK Go’s departure from the traditional label distribution agreement was one of the best things to happen to the internet. I have lost count of how many videos they have released from their Of the blue colour of the sky album (score extra points for the spelling of colour). Each video they put out, I imagine them celebrating their decision:

Weezer follows up their Pork & Beans celebration of memes with a pre-Hurley launch across multiple web-celeb casts:

Katy Perry brightens up Sesame Street. But SS & the internet thinks it’s too risqué. What do you think?

Finally, what’s more encouraging than a call from industry professional asking the world of digital media to pick up it’s socks and start working as a community? This AdAge article encouraged the crap out of me this week and gave me hope that we, as a group, can clean up the mess that has become online advertising. Give this a read and then head over to the IAB Canada website. Do you have an idea? Do you want to change the online ad community for the better? Speak up! Currently the IAB is pretty focused in the East and unless you like getting up at 5:30AM PST to be on any of the councils, you’ll likely be frustrated with the process currently in place. But, don’t be discouraged. Send your ideas directly to the IAB Canada council and have your ideas presented by proxy.

UPDATE: Read the excellent first comment below from the president of the IAB Canada inviting western Canada advertisers, publishers & agencies to attend the upcoming Mixx Roadshows in Calgary & Vancouver and be updated on some new developments out West!!

Thursday’s Axillaries

Here is a list of mid-late week items that your DSA Online team found interesting:

From Kathryn:

Did you pop in to check out the live-twitter event? Mashable hosted a live-feed of Twitter’s announcement of their revamp of Did you know that 78% of Twitter users use as their client (vs. Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc). Be sure to check out and the Mashable’s Twitter changes announcement page.

From Jacquie:

More things that you really shouldn’t be doing on Facebook!

As marketers we want people to feel good about the products they’re purchasing; but does that include lying to them about it…..

From Alexander:

The internet now totally controls the world:

About a million years ago a brave young pioneer leveraged her online popularity into a Hollywood career, and demonstrated that being popular on the internet is no small thing. Since then, the internet has launched the careers of bands, redefined comedy, and now in the pinnacle of internet achievement, Paul “Bear” Vasquez has become a Microsoft spokesperson for a single reason: A lot of people watched his epic home video “Double Rainbow”. Kudos to Microsoft for quickly turning an internet meme into an advertising campaign.

That capitalization of a meme was light years faster than Honda’s Bangs endorsement. At this rate we’ll soon see meme ads before the meme itself!

San Luis Obispo police are the internet equivalent of an old guy that refers to telephones as “new-fangled technology”:

Seriously, these are the people that protect the citizens of San Luis Obispo? I’d be terrified to encounter someone with a gun that can’t differentiate the difference between satire and pedophiles.