The Key to Marketing – A Twilight Stars Wisdom

I have found that one of the fun parts about entering into the world of Media is the ability to indulge yourself in trashy magazines. We all see them, standing there, staring at you while you wait at the checkout at the local grocery or convenience store… Always teasing you to look inside and see if Jennifer Aniston really is having a baby or if that’s just how the tabloid twisted her words to sell the magazine. You know it’s not real but you have to know what it says! (She’s not pregnant, but she says she wants to have a baby someday). I’m usually really good at laughing at the cover and moving on, but since what the celeb world is doing out there can have such an impact on media and there is a pile of them sitting on the counter in the office kitchen…

I started innocently enough, flipping the pages while waiting for my lunch in the microwave, but I got sucked in last week. I blame it on Twilight. I’m not a Team Edward or Team Jacob kind of girl, but the romance in the story gets me and I loved the most recent movie from the saga: Eclipse. It is for this reason that I picked up the July 2nd Issue of Entertainment Weekly and took it outside while I lounged in the sun. Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Robert Pattison), and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) are all on the front cover which obviously meant there was some brain candy for me to read about the movie inside.

The kids are sweet (though Kristen has quite the potty mouth) but the thing that stood out most to me in this interview is Robert and Kristen’s take on the “Key to Marketing”.  Our favourite Vampire/Human couple believe that it doesn’t matter what you say, just have your face everywhere. Have your face in everyone’s face all the time and that’s all.

WOW THAT’S EASY. I am heading right to the mall this afternoon to get some headshots printed out and I’m just going to start postering my face places. I’ll be famous tomorrow and probably won’t even finish writing this blog post. not so much. But at the very least they were able to pick up on some very basic Media 101 rules.

  1. Know your Audience and where they are – yes, you will be a blockbuster if your movie is like Eclipse, Ironman 2, Clash of the Titans etc. and advertised on a My Space homepage take over because that’s where the people who watch these movies are! You won’t see As Good As it Gets being advertised on My Space, because that’s not where you would find the people who want to go see that movie
  2. Use Reach and Frequency – after you know who your audience is, be where they are. It’ll do you no good if you reach every person in the world just once. Find the right mixture of reach and frequency. Kristen said that My Space is where you want to advertise if you want to be a blockbuster; to a point this is true, but you need more than one publisher to reach your full audience, plus, the more places you advertise, the higher chance of reaching a frequency that will keep your advertisement lingering in the users mind.
  3. Have a strong, but simple message – The Twilight Saga uses the faces of their stars to speak to their audience. It’s not the storyline that racks in the girls (they all know it by heart); it’s the package that the story comes in. All Taylor has to do is flash a stern but sexy glance and the tweens go wild. He’s saying (with his eyes) “your fantasies from the book are being shown on the silver screen, come watch me melt your heart”. That is why so many girls are seeing this movie! They want to fall into the deep romance and passion it shows. (Replace Taylor with Robert for the girls on Team Edward).

Those are the three most basic things you can do when you’re advertising.  Although packaged a little differently than my point form above, these kids have a simple understanding.  Just be careful with the literalness of “everywhere, all the time”. You don’t want to make your audience sick of you.

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