Pinning for a Plan: Why Pinterest Can Be a Useful Part of Your Marketing Plan

This past week I finally joined many of my friends on Pinterest. When a new social media network comes out, I usually like to wait to see how well people adopt it before I take the plunge. Although none of my male friends have really taken to it, it has become quite popular with my female friends and many of them urged me to join. So I did. Within days I have easily navigated my way through the basics and admittedly have become addicted.  After setting up a few boards, and looking at how businesses run their Pinterest account, it’s easy to see some great opportunities for marketing.

One of the first advantages is plain and simple: huge brand exposure. Over 80% of pins are repinned, which means if your company posts content that is appealing or interesting, chances are it will work its way through the Pinterest community. These people that see your pin might then work their way back to your boards to see what else you might be posting, which creates great awareness of your product.

Another advantage is the cost. If you are working with a small marketing budget, you can create awareness and gain followers without much time or effort (as well as cash) spent. Pinterest is a great way to promote your current products, events, and promotions without having to constantly update a website to do so.  Updating a website is costly and time consuming, and doesn’t already have a community built around it to reach quickly.

A great advantage of Pinterest is creating contests and sweepstakes for your followers. There are so many different options that are fun and engaging for your audience which can also create loyalty to your brand. For example, Threadless, a community-based t-shirt company, held a contest this past Valentine’s Day where pinners had to create a board showcasing 10 ideas of valentine’s gifts for someone special in their lives. At least five of the pins had to be a Threadless product and the pinner had to email the URL to their board to Threadless. The pinner who had the most repins and votes won a gift card to Threadless and Amazon.  With contests, businesses can gain customer data, get new followers, collect ideas, and generate awareness.

Recently our digital team attended the IAB Mixx Conference in Vancouver, and the speaker from ComScore told the crowd that when a media is more female composed, it’s usually more successful. This has definitely become the case with Pinterest. A recent study on stated that the gender breakdown of Pinterest users is 68.2% female to 31.8% male, and that 97% of Pinterest’s facebook fans were women. With this information it’s no surprise that there are already 14.9 million users since July 2012 and Pinterest is the third most popular social media site in the US for traffic. Pinterest is becoming a serious contender when it comes to taking advantage of social media for marketing.


    • Cynthia
    • November 5th, 2012

    Very informative. I have never blogged, this is the first step.

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